Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PS. My flowers at the wedding were exactly what I did not want. literally I said I didn't want a rounded bouquet and I didn't want roses. Oh yeah did i mention I didn't want a white bouquet either. And take a gander at the photos, i have a rounded white bouquet of roses. I swear he got his " likes" and "dislikes" columns mixed up. And he never replied to the strongly worded letter he got from us either. go figure.


Even though I have yet to tell anyone that I have a blog, I may in the future and they just might want to see me in my weddin dress. So here goes.

Monday, January 7, 2008

There are 2 white mice living in my bathtub

Yes, it's true. We bought them for dwight, my ball python before realizing he had begun to shed and won't eat for another week or so. So what to do now with 5 dollars worth of mice? we put the stopper in the master bath, tipped over their cardboard carrying box, put a few cardboard toilet paper rolls in there and toilet paper to keep them warm. We've been feeding them smockhouse cheddar crackers that have been in the cupboard for months. It's actually quite cute seeing and hearing them nibble away at this huge cracker. I can't let myself become too attached though, since they are to be dwights dinner. We always get the creepy white mice with the red eyes because I feel less guilty when they die. I convince myself their eyes are red because they are evil. It works.